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In the Artisanal area of Musella, find a brand new space to take care of your boat. Under a new, covered and insulated building, the most complete services are available to you. From simple cleaning of the hull to total maintenance of the engine. Discover the latest novelties on display and the brands we represent.

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  • Bateaux neufs Seawater Kymera Yacht We are the exclusive SeaWater distributor for Corsica, discover the full range in our showroom and on trial in the port of Bonifacio. Many new models are available in stock each year.
  • Bateaux neufs Seawater Kymera Yacht We import Kymera Yacht for the whole of France, boats that can be personalized at will, unsinkable, with unparalleled marine behavior. Complete range visible in showroom and available for trial in Bonifacio.
  • Bateaux neufs Joker Boat We are the Joker Boat dealer for the extreme south of Corsica.
  • Bateaux neufs Beneteau We are Agent Beneteau for the extreme south of Corsica
  • Engine Agent:
  • Moteur Volvo penta Moteur Mercury